What Goes Around Comes Around

| March/April 1996

40 Uncatena Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts 01606

 Some twenty-five or so years ago, I was sent to Northfield, Massachusetts, to pick up a lawn tractor and a set of three gang mowers. They were being used at a church summer camp. The land area there was much too large for this Panzer tractor, yet it would be just right for our church lawn back home. I brought it all home with me and for two years we cut the grass with the tractor and had fun doing it.

I moved to another church and had forgotten all about the lawn tractor for many years. Two years ago, my older brother asked if I would like to go to a tractor/engine show in Orange, Massachusetts. After seeing and hearing all that was going on, I was about to get hooked! On the way home, I told my brother Allen about the church lawn tractor. Within days I was back looking through the garage window at the church and, oh boy, it was still there, but someone had painted it a different color. After some talking I had my trailer backed up to the garage, and in no time, off I went with this sad looking mess. After sandblasting, dent removal, new bearing, sprockets, tires and a paint job (the correct color), it was complete and running.

While looking for parts for my Panzer, I came across another one that wanted to go with me. This past summer I sold the church tractor at a tractor/engine show in Boylston, Massachusetts. I  have since found a third Panzer tractor which will be coming home.

Shown in the picture is my grandson Jonathan,- three years old. He's ready to ride any one of the tractors, just by the look on his face!