| October/November 1987

RD 1, Box 85V Candor Rd., Bulger, PA 15019

I knew that he was a LIMITED EDITION, but I was unaware that the courtship that began twenty five years after our first meeting would mean my relearning the English that I had used successfully until that point.

DAVID: I can't believe that we have finally gotten together! Considering your experience over the years with antiques, we should have a great time! I have so much to show you. I have this GIBSON...

ME: Gee, I have a neighbor named Gibson, too.

DAVID: No, no, no, not a neighbor, a tractor. It's perfect and I really like it, but I have been watching the ads an thinking about adding an IROQUOIS, or possibly a BULLDOG.

Me: Do you really want a Bulldog? I think a cat is so much easier to care for. As for an Iroquois, those wooden cigar store indians are nearly impossible to find and expensive as the dickens.