What A Party!

| August/September 1998

1832 Blue Knob Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

We recently had a surprise birthday party for our friend, William 'Sandy' Sanders. We restore engines, tractors and stuff together. Ron Rosenberg and I got him a subscription to GEM and helped his wife find a WICO magneto that he'd been wanting so badly for his newly restored 1929 3 HP Novo. As an added surprise I made a cake in the shape of his engine complete with magneto! It took seven separate cake layers of chocolate and vanilla cakes. The white icing was colored forest green and I fashioned the magneto and tools out of chocolate. The high-tension wire is strawberry licorice. The room was decorated in John Deere green and yellow streamers. The box he is opening contains the magneto. He was very surprised at the magneto that his wife Shannon got him, and so happy that he choked up. It was a great time.

Right after the cake and ice cream the guys went out to the garage and bolted on the mag. It worked great!