WAUKEE 1996: Asylum of Mud

| March/April 1997

  • Trucks

  • Trucks

609 South First Street Odessa, Missouri 64076

I knew I was in trouble when it rained all of Thursday night and continued right through Friday morning.

Early Friday morning Jerry put his heavy mud boots and raincoat on, caught a break in the clouds and took off. After all, he could hardly wait to start looking through what I call 'Rust.' Not me, though; I wasn't ready to brave all that wet stuff. We had agreed to meet at the food stand at 12:30. I stayed to read in the nice dry truck cab.

I read for a while then started thinking about my predicament. Here I was surrounded with rain pelting down! Everywhere I looked was rain and a sea of mud. I had taken a personal leave day from work and had looked forward to these two days for several weeks, for what? RAIN... MUD!

I continued to read and feel sorry for myself, then I started paying attention to what was happening outside the truck cab. A pickup had turned off the main road into the field where we were parked. It immediately got stuck. A tractor came and pulled it out. During the next half-hour, two more pickups zoomed down the embankment, immediately got stuck, and also got pulled out.

The people I watched, mostly men, picking their way carefully, slipping, and squishing their way through the field up to the main road into the swap meet. I forgot my dampened spirits and started giggling as I watched the unsuspecting entertainers.