WANTED: London & Vicinity

| June/July 1993

HC 71, Box 525 Mountain View, Arkansas 72560

My wife and I were planning a trip to Germany in the fall of 1991, to visit our daughter and family. I figured since we had to go near England, it would be nice to stop off and see some old engines. (You know how that is!)

I placed an ad in GEM, saying: 'Wanted: London & Vicinity old engine fanatic to host American couple in September or October.'

By May I was corresponding with a couple outside of London who were willing to put us up for a couple of weeks. After several months, and many letters back and forth, plus a couple of phone calls, our plans were made.

He said to look for a man in a green hat when we got through customs. He was there with his wife, as planned, wearing a John Deere cap. (I should have known!)

For two weeks, they took us all over, visiting places and events that the tourists would never have seen. They lived on a family farm in a home built in 1624 (Yes, I said 16240 and the engines he had! Of course, practically all of them I've never heard of before. He had a Field Marshall tractor which started with a 12 gauge blank shotgun shell I fell in love with this one.