To Mel Cameron and All Readers of GEM

| July/August 1967

Unidentifed Engine

Courtesy of Willis F. Wilcox, R. F. 3, Newton, Iowa 50208

Willis F. Wilcox

1615 San Francisco St., San Antonio, Texas 78201

Congratulations to Mel Cameron, who seems to be venturing out on the big project of compiling and printing a gas-engine catalog (only stationary; portable and skid; gas and oil, I presume, not gas tractors?). I would like to suggest that, in all seriousness, photographs be made of all engines that can be learned of and these be printed in the catalog-album of Mel's with all the spec. and data, as to weight, prices, color of paint, striping, etc., also the year built or advertised. This could be a long drawn out project without a doubt, but with good pictures of just every possible engine, besides the specs., such a Catalog-Album could be sold for $15.00 at least.

First, all readers and interested parties should send Mel the list of all the different engines they can muster and indicate after each engine, whether or not he also has an illustration of the engine, of which a camera-photo could be made, no photo-stat copies. Most readers wouldn't have copying equipment, but all then could be asked to contribute all he can to this proposed Catalog-Album by having his neighborhood camera shop and studio make the pictures in black and white in the best size and especially clear and sharp. Mel could, in turn, ask for a few pictures from his big list of readers, checking the engine names list for those who could get pictures made, starting out by asking each reader to send him 2 or 3 pictures of certain engines; the early ones and also last models, before electricity (REA) and the hi-speed air-cools, to get the ball rolling. Then, as time goes on and more pictures are needed, Mel could divide up his needs and ask of those who have them to send other pictures. In print, I have read there were at least 150 makes of gas engines.

I have several equipment directories; but I'd rather have the authentic pictures of the engines and correct name and address of the particular builder than to have the specs. only and no picture. Someone, in all our list of collectors, probably has a rare catalog; so he could supply pictures and specs. which would be impossible otherwise, perhaps, because he has the only remaining illustrated catalog on that particular make of gas engine. It will cost all of us a little, but worth it!