| March/April 1970

3125 W. Fisk Ave., R. 3 Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901

Just a little more from 'Tired Iron'. . with a couple of pictures of a log saw that I would like some information on.

I haven't restored this rig yet. The engine is a two-cycle. It has no throttle or governor. The speed is controlled by hand with the timer. The cooling system is of the thermal siphon type, with hoses from the water jacket up to a round tank. The tank has a rectangular shaped filler. This filler has baffles in it. I suppose these baffles are to keep water from splashing out and to condense some steam.

The gas tank is the same shape and mounted next to the water tank, making it look like all one tank. The gas is gravity fed to a Lunkenheimer carburetor. Under these tanks is a rather flat shaped compartment to hold a buzz coil and a hot shot battery. I would like to know if this compartment had a cover and how it was made.

The saw and the linkage that operate the saw is very much like an Ottawa, but is chain driven instead of gear driven.

The water jacket has the words R.M. Wade & Co., Portland and Spokane cast on the side. The main bearings have grease cups. There is a hole tapped in the top side of the crankcase. I suppose this is for a drip type oil cup, to oil the rod, wrist pin and cylinder. Would this oil cup have the usual ball check in it to hold the crankcase pressure or would it have something special? Would this oil be enough for the cylinder or do I have to put oil in the gas as in some other two cycle engines?