(Pinto Gets ''Headache'')

| September/October 1986

  • Stover on the Roof

  • Stover on the Roof

as told to: David Sullenberger P.O. Box 1628 Las Cruces, New Mexico 88004

Winter in New Mexico can be really boring. Blue skys, comfortably warm light jacket days and no rattlesnakes (a factor guaranteed to vanquish boredom instantly!). Perfect Quest weather for poking around old scrap piles and farm machinery storage areas.

February 1986 was just such a winter month and Time Warrior was suffering from a variety of mechano-historical ailment known as Lack of New Information Syndrome. This particular variety of the Ailment is characterized by having last year's notes catalogued and in the data base, last year's photos all captioned and safely in frames and albums.

Time Warrior was restless. Peeking outside at the clear blue sky he turned to lady Margaret and said, 'Let's go for a drive.'

Lady M has lived with the Time Warrior a long time and she knew if she was invited this wasn't an Acquisition Quest and they wouldn't be messing with the trailer and hitch and all that stuff. She also knew this wouldn't be an afternoon drive. 'How many days?' she asked. 'Two-three at most. Are we packed?' said he. 'Yes,' she said, 'let's go.'

For those of you who don't know, New Mexico is a big state. Not as big as Texas.. . but big enough to keep Texans from having a Pacific coast to brag about. New Mexico is divided more or less into half, east and west, by the Rio Grande. It is a young state, but a very old land. In ancient times explorers and settlers tended to follow natural routes like rivers. So roads like I-25 and U.S. 85 tend to run North and South along the old trails.