Time Passes Slowly At The Ole Tic Toc Ranch

| February/March 1990

  • Erwin Kretzschmar

  • Erwin Kretzschmar

The following story appears through courtesy of Tex Co-op Power of Texas.

Time passes slowly at the Ole Tic Toc Ranch, hidden on a rolling prairie between Floresville and Pleasanton, south of San Antonio. The buildings here are actually big treasure chests full of jewels from earlier days. A gentleman sage named Erwin Kretzschmar is the proprietor. He is a jewel himself, with eyes that sparkle with the clear knowledge of a world that has mostly passed on.

Kretzschmar calls himself a 'collectaholic' and warns that the disease is contagious. He started out collecting clocks in 1965 when his oldest son, Erwin Jr., sent him an antique clock from Germany, where the younger Kretzschmar was stationed in the service.

Somewhere along the way senior Kretzschmar's clock collection hobby turned into a passion for collecting any object that recalled earlier times-mostly early 20th century America.

The collection grew from a few rooms full of clocks to several barns full of tractors, old engines, tools, and antiques of all kinds, such as hand-cranked coffee mills, hay balers, pump jacks, wagons, plows, washing machines, cream separators, grindstones, meat grinders, corn shellers, spinning wheels, and on and on.

As Kretzschmar's reputation as a collector grew, people from all over the country started calling him and telling him about items he might be interested in.