Three New Books from Richard A. Day


| February/March 1986

  • Book Review

  • Book Review

Operating Instructions Palmer Marine Engine Models B. C. D and E Circa 1895-1901

A reprint of two different editions of Palmer operating instructions bound in 8 11 format with notes on Palmer history and advice on restoring and preserving old marine engines. Published by Heritage Engine Collection, 6 Windward Drive, Severna Park, MD 21146. Price $1.50

Restoration, Maintenance, and Operating Notes for Palmer YT-1 Marine Engines Circa 1921-1947, by Richard A. Day, Jr.

18 pages in 8 x 11 format, 7 pages of notes on the engine by the author plus reprints of Palmer operating instructions, a catalog sheet, a photograph of the spread-out parts, and a parts list. Published by Heritage Engine Collection, price $2.00.

1907 Palmer Brothers Catalog A reprint of the 1907 Palmer catalog in the original 5 x 7 format. 34 pages including notes and Palmer history by Richard A. Day on inside covers. Published by Heritage Engine Collection, price $1.25.

Dick Day is well known to collectors of antique marine engines. Probably there is no one more knowledgeable as to history of the manufacturers, technical developments, and good restoration methods. This was acknowledged in Stan Gray son's book, Old Marine Engines The World of the One Lunger. By profession he is an electrical engineer. Since his recent retirement, he has begun to publish some of his information. These three booklets will be followed by a fourth. That one will be on the Palmer ZR series engines, considered the Cadillac of work boat engines.