| September/October 1969

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Many people think the only tractors made in Canada were Cockshutt or Massey-Harris-this is not so!

One of the first tractors was built about 1910 by Canadian-American Gasoline Engine Co. at Dunville, Ontario. It was a two cylinder horizontal engine, tank cooled. The ignition system was low tension, make and break with the igniters inside the cylinders and the current was by batteries. This tractor had a unique starting system. The left hand flywheel had an internal toothed ring inside the flywheel. A pinion meshed with this and a hand crank was on the end. Lubrication of the cylinders was sight feed, drip cup lubricators. The tractor was rated at 35 brake horsepower.

The Robert Bell Company of Sea-forth, Ontario, a builder of portable and traction steam engines and threshing machinery for many years built two sizes of farm tractors in 1920. One was a 20-35 Hp. and the other 25-45 Hp. Both these tractors were of the same design. The only difference was the size. They had a four cylinder vertical engine and the cylinders were cast in pairs. Magneto ignition was used. They had two speeds ahead and one reverse. Lubrication was pump and splash.

1910 Canadian American Company Gasoline Engine.

Massey-Harris Company of Toronto built a tractor in 1918. It was on extra high front and back wheels which gave it extra clearance. It was rated at 12-25 Hp. It was a four cylinder vertical engine, set crosswise of the frame. A similar tractor was the Parrett and the Clydesdale, both built in U.S.A. This tractor had the belt pulley on the left hand side. It would pull a three furrow fourteen inch bottom plow.