This Is How I Make My Carts!

| November/December 1990

P.O. Box 324 Lecanto, Florida 32661

I am enclosing a couple of pictures to show how I used up some of those emergency spare tires and wheels that nobody seems to want.

The trick is to make a hub. I used a piece of 3/16 plate six inches square and a four inch length of tubing. I true the tubing in the lathe and bolt it to the middle of the plate with a 5/8 bolt. Then weld a good bead around the tubing, now the bolt comes out and I put the thing in the lathe again for truing up. To make a hole for the wheel, I score a ring 4? or 4? on the plate. Some have three sets of holes to accommodate different size bolt patterns. Now I put one hole in the ring. Then I have made an arbor to put over the hub and inside the big center hole in the wheel. Next thing is to punch mark and drill the other four holes. You don't need a tricky index outfit for the job.

How would a three horse John Deere look on the truck? You should see the front axle pivot I made of a street ell and a couple nipples; I even put greased fittings in the threaded area. This whole thing is narrow enough to fit through a 36 inch doorway.

Now the heavy duty yard cart. I made these things to use and to take pictures of. Notice the handles, this makes it easy to load a garbage can or other stuff. The thing does not offer to run onto your foot like some.

That axle in the truck is about an inch and quarter. The axle in the yard cart is thin chrome moly steel tubing, only three quarters of an inch in diameter.