Thermoil Collector

| September/October 1989

Route 1A, Box 550 Gardiner, Maine 04345

My reason for writing is to tell all my friends in Engineland about my Thermoils and especially to thank everyone out there for all the help over the years in obtaining them.

In 1973 I acquired a 6 HP Model U, Sears Thermoil Diesel with the original books dated 1920 and 1924. In 1974 I found another one in really bad shape and worn out. I got that one running and traded it with a fellow who had an extra 8 HP Model U Thermoil in 1980. About 1981, I traded an Ottawa log saw for a 3 HP Model U Thermoil. Then I started placing ads in GEM and by word of mouth that I was looking for a 1? HP Model U Thermoil. I saw one for the first time last fall and after some negotiation, bought it!

There were many times during the years that I considered breaking up the 'set', believing that I would never see a 1? HP, let alone come to own one.

In summary, Sears sold Model U Thermoils in 1919 in sizes 1? HP, 3 HP, 6 HP and 8 HP. I now have all four in running condition and planned to start showing them this year. I wanted to get them to the Hercules Engine Show in Evansville, Indiana in June. The four of them total about 4,000 lbs. in weight and I'm having a special trailer built to make loading and unloading easier.

Again, many thanks to all tor the letters, information, and phone calls over the years. Of course, I have many other engines here at 'Malfunction Junction' and welcome any and all who may stop by. I'm listed in the Collectors' Network.