The Straubel Story

| July/August 1997

27 Loon Lake Road Bigfork, Montana 59911

I would like to dedicate this story to the Straubels of Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is one of the leading states in the manufacturing of non-electrical machinery and paper products. At the turn of the century there were over 123 different makes of gas engines manufactured in Wisconsin alone. Even today some of these same famous named engines are still being made in Wisconsin.

This article is about one of the engines built in Green Bay by the Straubel family.

Louis A. Straubel was born August 1st, 1865 to F. E. and Christina Straubel. The paternal grandfather was Frederick Straubel, who with his wife and family emigrated to the United States in 1846 from Germany. He was by trade a blacksmith and followed that occupation during his life in America. F. E. Straubel, the father of Louis, was also engaged in the blacksmith trade, but in 1871 established himself in the brick-making business in which he continued until 1893.

Louis A. Straubel worked in the brick yard from age 14 until he was 23 and was foreman his last five years.