The Price Was A Big Thank You and a Handshake!

| August/September 1994

P.O. Box 65 Redfield, Arkansas 72132

I visited with Mr. Guy Edwards, P.O. Box 335, Grady, Arkansas 71644-0335, at an engine show last year and during the course of our conversation he indicated that he had a stationary engine on his farm that he might be willing to part with. I took down his name and number for future reference, and we parted.

Recently I called Mr. Edwards to arrange a visit and look at the engine with thoughts of purchasing it.

After an afternoon of very enjoyable conversation and reminiscing, I left his home with the engine, the price being a big 'thank you' and a hearty handshake!

As we talked, Mr. Edwards had many questions about how old 'iron heads' networked, and how to learn when and where shows might be found. I filled him in (off the cuff, so to speak), but could tell that that did not satisfy his curiosity.

By the time I arrived home the thought of a subscription to Gas Engine Magazine seemed a better way to answer his questions and in a small way thank him again for the engine. And it is with that thought that this letter is written. Thanks again, Mr. Edwards!