'The Other Woman'

| June/July 1991

218 Depot St., Rosholt, Wisconsin 54473

My husband and I are avid readers of GEM. I am submitting this story to help all the wives of Gas Engine Fanatics. Perhaps, like me, they cannot yet see that they too are helpless victims of a most contagious addiction.

The pain of admitting this, especially to my husband, is worse than having my credit card cut in two. I once referred to these machines as, 'The Other Woman', refusing to share even one square inch of my garage space with a heap of metal! But, now I see it was a lost battle from the start.

It all began when my husband brought home his first 6 HP Sparta. He was excited beyond words. It was his baby! I gave in to what I thought was just a whim, and allowed him this one joy. After all, I still had the situation under control (or so I thought). This was the beginning of my end.

My fall into this dark hole really started picking up speed when one day my husband walked into our house trembling. He had a glint in his eye and sweat beaded through his brow. Next came those words dreaded by all wives, 'You won't believe what I found!'

Similar to the mailman, I knew that this meant that neither rain, nor sleet, nor an angry wife could keep my husband from his mission! I decided my best defense was a strong offense. I joined him in this so-called adventure.