The Oliver Flag

| November/December 1987

  • Oliver flag

  • Oliver flag

Product & Service Mgr. Western Region White Farm Equipment Co. 7002 'F' Street Omaha, NE 68127

In reference to the article on the early 30's Oliver flag that appeared in your March issue as authored by Mr. Robert Tallman, I have the following comments:

First, we commend the workmanship of Mrs. Clow and Mrs. Clark. They have dupliated the pattern as best they could. Their end results look very good. There were several advertising booklets that were published in color that had the flag on the cover. I am attaching copies of two of them, note that the print date is 1-30. Yes, there was an actual flag that existed. Our western Region Business Manager, Mr. Morris Harrison has one of the originals. He purchased it at auction from the former Oliver dealer, Holiday Implement at Rock Rapids, Iowa. The four stripes each represent one of the four companies that made up the new company as did the four stars. The stripes are red at the top, then green, red and green at the bottom. The actual flag is much larger than those pictured, measuring 86?' long. The letters were sewn on, straight across and matched on both sides, in other words the letters on one side are backwards. I am attaching a color slide of the actual flag.

I was also interested in the paint colors that were used on the grill of the Oliver 60. I have one that I have restored and the company uses for display, etc. We get many calls from people who are doing the 60 and 70 models wanting to know how the colors were arranged. I do believe that the color placement changed from time to time. I did look at a tractor that the owner claimed to be original, a 48 model, the red on the center of the grill extended to the radiator lid. Edges of the center grill piece were green with green painted in the grooves of the lid and on the ridges of the grill center piece. Who is correct, we don't know, the prints in the plant have been destroyed. One thing for sure, the Oliver tractor of the '40s was certainly a colorful machine.

The most important thing, I'm sure that the Clarks and the Clows have enjoyed restoring, making the flags and showing the Olivers.