| January/February 1969

  • 2 cycle Detroit engine
    Courtesy of Meridith Brison, Route 1, Box 192, Millersport, Ohio 43046
    Meridith Brison
  • power cheaper
    Courtesy of Lloyd B. Hilton, 4380-4 Mile N.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
    Lloyd B. Hilton

  • 2 cycle Detroit engine
  • power cheaper

Good Hope, Illinois 61438

With permission from George R. Davis of the Democrat-Message newspaper of Mount Sterling, Illinois.

The following Sale Bill was brought to the D-M office by C.E. Ashbaker of Mt. Sterling, who found it among some old papers at his home. Mr. Ashbaker thought that possibly some of our readers had never seen such a publication. It is believed to be well over a hundred years old.

Having sold my farm, and as I am leaving for Oregon territory by oxen team on March 1, 1849, I will sell all of my personal property, except two oxen teams, Buck and Ben and Lon and Jerry, consisting of the gray yokes, 1 baby yoke, 2 ox carts, 1 iron plow with wood mole board, 800 feet of poplar weather boards, 1 ,000 three-foot clapboards, 1,500 ten-foot fence rails, 1 60-gallon soap kettle, 85 sugar troughts made of white ash timber, 10 gallons of maple syrup, 2 spinning wheels, 30 pounds mutton tallow, 1 large loom made by Perry Wilson, 300 poles, 100 split hoops, 100 empty barrels, 1 32-gal-lon of Johnson-Miller whisky, 7 years old, 20 gallons of apple brandy, 1 40-gal-lon copper still, 4 sides of oak-tanned leather, I gallon wooden pitchforks and one-half interest in tan yards, 1 32 caliber rifle, bullet molds and powder horn, rifle made by Ben Miller, 50 gallons of soft hams, bacon and lard, 40 gallons of sorghum molasses, 6 head of fox hounds all soft mouthed but one. At the same time, I will sell my 6 regreslaves; 2 men, 35 and 50 years old; 2 boys, 12 and 1 year old, two muliatio, wenches 40 and 30 years old. Will sell together to same party, as I will not separate them.

Terms of sale: Cash in hand or note to draw 4 percent interest with Bob McConnel security. My home is two miles south of Versailles Kentucky on McConnel ferry pike. Sale will begin at 8 o'clock a.m. Plenty to eat and drink.

A 2 cycle Detroit engine at the Stumptown Steam Threshers Reunion, September 10, 1967 at New Athens, Ohio. Engine owned and restored by Wayne Brannon, 1400 East Ivy St., Coshocton, Ohio.