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By Staff

R.R. #1, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Once more it is that time of year
When many men just disappear-
Around the house you’ll never see
Men watching baseball on TV.

Not mowing grass out on the lawn,
Now where have all the men-folk gone?
Not in the garden with a hoe,
I wonder where the men all go.

Not in the yard washing the car,
Oh, you may look both near and far,
But not a fellow you will find.
Have they all left this world behind?

Not really, as you may suppose.
A little secret I’ll disclose.
About the time when winter ends
On men this malady descends.

Their eyes get blank, they’re deaf to wife,
Another love enters their life.
It’s ‘iron-fever’ time again,
And strange things happen to the men.

They hide in garages late at night,
And polish engines till they’re bright,
Or else out to the barn they go
And make old tractors run just so.

Three nights a week the phone is heard,
They leave their homes without a word
Except, ‘Goodbye, I’ve got to go-
More work-parties before the Show.’

No, ‘iron-fever’ is no joke,
But it’s harder on the women-folk
Who have to put up with these men
Till snow flies, and they’re sane again.

  • Published on May 1, 1990
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