| May/June 1990

R.R. #1, Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Once more it is that time of year
When many men just disappear-
Around the house you'll never see
Men watching baseball on TV.

Not mowing grass out on the lawn,
Now where have all the men-folk gone?
Not in the garden with a hoe,
I wonder where the men all go.

Not in the yard washing the car,
Oh, you may look both near and far,
But not a fellow you will find.
Have they all left this world behind?

Not really, as you may suppose.
A little secret I'll disclose.
About the time when winter ends
On men this malady descends.

Their eyes get blank, they're deaf to wife,
Another love enters their life.
It's 'iron-fever' time again,
And strange things happen to the men.