The Ladies Page

| November/December 1967

Forest Grove Trailer Park ,Ontario N.Y. 14519

Summer has come and gone: it seemed very short, as I guess all of the seasons seem as we grow older. We had the much needed rains that were so scarce a year ago. In fact, it rained about every day there for a while. It seemed that they would never end. Now after a few weeks of dryness, we would welcome a rainy day.

As winter approaches, it means the end of another summer of the gas and steam annual reunions and get togethers. The men of the family will surely miss them. They would like one every week. Now with winter coming on, they will read and re-read the magazines and relive the summer shows.

Paul and I took in five shows this summer. Four of them were within a radius of 125 miles of home. At each of these, we see many of the same familiar faces. Our own Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc. show at Fairville was first. We were bothered with some rain, but we had a very successful show with more equipment displayed than before.

The next weekend, was the second Reunion of the Tioga Early Days, Inc. at Mansfield, Pa. It rained the first two days, but Saturday and Sunday were nice. They, too, had a bigger show than the year before.

Next came the New York State Steam Engine Ass'n., Inc. Pagent of Steam at Canandaigua. Rain plagued this show also, but from all reports, they had as large a crowd as ever. We saw the Ritz-man's there, and were very glad they were able to be present.