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| July/August 1967

  • 6 Hp. Eaton
    Courtesy of John Smith, Box 128, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
    John Smith
  • Old Economy Gasoline Engine
    Courtesy of David Babcock, R. F. D. 3, Box 673, Cass City, Michigan 48726
    David Babcock

  • 6 Hp. Eaton
  • Old Economy Gasoline Engine

Forest Grove Trailer Park Ontario. N. Y. 14519

The month of August has always held great interest for me. It was always a vacation month during school days; now it is a slack time before the heavy schedule of work starts for me in the fall. It is one of the warmest months and usually the weather is at its best.

Of special meaning to me is the fact that it is both Paul's and my birthday. Indeed we both have the same birth date (the 13th) but in different years. I think this alone is unusual, although my parents have birthdays a day apart.

I have found some interesting facts about the month of August. It was named after the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar. It first had 30 days, but the Emperor took one day away from February and added it to August, making 31 days.

Some famous people have been born in this month, including three Presidents: Benjamin Harrison, Herbert Hoover and L. R. Johnson. Also born in August were Napoleon, Sir Walter Scott, Bernard M. Baruch, Izaak Walton, Davy Crockett, Marshall Field and many others.

In August: Columbus set foot on the continent of North America: in 1790 the first American census was taken; in 1831 the first steam railroad went into operation; in 1806 the first coal was mined in the United States; in 1807 the Steamer Clermont sailed on the Hudson River; in 1875 the first express office was opened in Omaha, Nebraska; in 1859 oil was discovered in Titusville. Pa.; in 1896 the Alaska Gold Rush was on; in 1934 Hitler took over Germany; in 1935 Will Rogers and Wiley Post lost their lives in an airplane crash; in 1944 the allies liberated Paris and V-J day when Japan surrendered was in 1945.