A New History of Harvesting

| May/June 1979

  • The Grain Harvesters

  • The Grain Harvesters

Farmers in the U.S., Canada, and other industrialized countries may think they have it tough when machinery breaks down, but let them give thought to this:

'Possibly more than half the world's population survives on grain harvested by hand in a subsistence agriculture.'

And no user of modern equipment would want to go back to hand and foot power.

The quotation is from a new book, 'The Grain Harvesters,' by Dr. Graeme R. Quick and Dr. Wesley Buchele, published by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. It is filled with information and pictures that should fascinate every reader of GEM.

The book traces harvesting back to earliest known times, up through today, and makes some forecasts about the future.

In addition to the story of days preceding production of equipment to do various jobs, the book contains biographies of many of the greats of farm machinery invention and manufacturing.