The Flood of ' 93

| January/February 1994

R.R. 1, Box 84, Foley, Missouri 63347

Restoring old tractors keeps me out of the taverns, off the streets, out of the woods and the money too.

About the flood: after we sandbagged several days the water topped our levee. Heavy fescue grass protected it, and it ran over for several days without washing out. However the water did, on July 9th, cut a hole in the levee 600 feet long and 50 feet deep.

I had moved eight antique tractors. One McCormick Deering 10-20 was torn down, with parts in boxes. We winched it on a trailer. We had four farm tractors, combine and machinery to move. We also moved 450 bales of hay, 75 bales of straw, some ear corn, seven heifers, and four small engines.

We took out furniture, and the pool table from the basement. We took three cots and an outdoor 'John.' We had our grown sons, other relatives, friends and neighbors help us; we never could have done it without them.

We moved into a 100-year-old farm house in the hills, that we own, where I was born 73 years ago.