The Fairmont Railroad Inspection Car

| July/August 1996

  • Four man track inspection car

  • Four man track inspection car

15 Clearlake Manor Road North Branford, Connecticut 06471

The Fairmont M 19 D is an aluminum framed one to four man track inspection car. Powered by a Fairmont two cycle water cooled engine, this car was easy to maintain and operate. The engine was reversible, eliminating the need for a transmission.

This Fairmont M 19 D, serial number 179763, was built for the Santa Fe Rail road in August 1946. It was equipped with a 5 to 8 HP OD B 1 engine, 6 volt electrical system. The spark was provided by a Pontiac vibrator coil.

I purchased the rail car in December 1990, from an equipment dealer in Arizona. I received the car in January 1991, by truck freight.

The Fairmont saw many years of hard work on the railroad. A broken frame member prevented the engine from being started. The car was equipped with a narrow windshield and lacked a roof.

February 1991, the car was disassembled, cleaned and inspected for defects. All broken and worn parts were repaired or replaced.