The DOAK Story

| November/December 1987

201 W. Findlay St. Carey, Ohio 43316

As a subscriber to Gas Engine Magazine for several years, and a collector of gas engines, this is the story of 'The Great Find'.

For the last six years, we have spent three months in Tucson, Arizona. As a collector and owner of the Historical Museum of Yesteryear, I am always on the look out.

Around the first of March 1986, a man told me of an Aermoter engine for sale. I drove 100 miles south of Tucson, and located him. He told me of another engine he tried to buy, three or four years before, but no sale. He said 'I will go with you and introduce you to the two brothers who own it'.

On March 5, 1986, I picked up another collector that I had met three years before in Tucson, Arizona. His name is Alex Reeves from Edmonsen, Texas. Away we went to Wilcox, Arizona. We picked up the man in Wilcox. He went with us to the home of G. L. Moore. I asked him if he had a gas engine, he said yes, but it was out on a large ranch of several thousand acres. He said his brother. W. R. Moore and he owned it together. He called his brother and said he would meet us at the ranch about one o'clock that afternoon. The ranch was in the country, about twenty miles out. At noon, Mr. Reeves and I picked up G. L. Moore, who was seventy-nine years young, and headed out. We finally got out to the road that went back to the ranch. What a road, about five miles and like an old lane at the foot of the mountains. We finally made it out there. Mr. W. R. Moore, age eighty three, was already there. The buildings were in pretty rough shape.

They took Mr. Reeves and me to an old shed, and under a piece of tin and rugs, there was an engine. We could hardly see, it was so dark in there. They opened a door in the end of the shed. I started to inspect the engine and to my surprise, it was a 4 HP Doak side shaft. I was really excited for I have twenty-eight engines and no side shaft. The water tank and gas tank were missing. I asked them if it was for sale, and they said yes. After a while, we finally arrived at a price. As we were in my car, I told them I would pay now, but did not know when I would pick it up, for I had no way to haul it. I am from Carey, Ohio which is about 2050 miles from here.


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