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I enjoyed the article in the May-June Gas Engine Magazine about
the Brownwall Engine & Pulley Company by Meredith Brison of
Millersport, Ohio.

I have one of the small air-cooled engines with the. Serial No.
3521 on the brass name plate. On the plate it also says made in
Holland, Michigan. This engine has a three and one-half inch bore
and a four inch stroke. The flywheels are fourteen inches in
diameter with the name, Brownwall Engine and Pulley Co., Holland
Mich. cast in the flywheel. Could anyone who owns a Brownwall
engine with these dimensions tell me if this is a one or one and
one-half h.p.?

It is evident that they did make some engines at Holland, Mich.
with the name and town cast in the flywheel. I didn’t realize
that this engine was one of the rarer ones until reading Mr.
Brison’s article. It fits in well with my engine collection
which includes a Perkins, Alamo, Field-Brundage, Casey Jones, Jr.,
and Fairmont.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1968
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