| December/January 1998

  • Engines on display

  • Engines on display

Fox HC 63 Box 38 O'Neill, Nebraska 68763

From left to right: 6 HP high base, 4 HP low base, 2 HP high base, 2 HP low base early model, 2 HP low base, l HP low base, 1 HP low base, 2 HP low base, 2 HP early model low base, 2 HP high base, 3 HP high base, 6 HP high base. Of the four 2 engines I have, three of them have different features such as more fins, different carburetors, and brass rod cap.

I moved to the ranch in 1963 and we had dealt for all the iron the place. There were two engines sitting under a tree, one was an air cooled Associated, and the other was a 3 HP Sandwich. It took about a year before I got really interested, then one day I got the Sandwich to run. That did it, for the next few years, except at farm sales, where I bought a few more.

About 1973, a friend of mine showed me a 2 HP Gade engine at our little show. I liked the engine because it ran so well. I told him I sure would like one like it. Well, about a year later he called me and said he knew a guy who had a 2 HP Gade and he might sell it.

It took a lot of doing, but I did get that engine without a cart. Another year later, a sale came up that had a Gade advertised. I went to the sale about 100 miles away. They had called the sale off on account of weather. I looked at the engine, which was a high base 2 HP. I went back a week later and bought the engine. It had been used on a farm line shaft. I never restored it, but got it running enough to take it to a couple of shows.

A couple of years later, I saw a farm sale that had a 3 HP Gade advertised. By then, they were a sought-after engine, so I told my wife, 'Let's get in the car and go see who is going to buy the engine.' Lo and behold, the engine was a high base 3 HP on the original cart. I just had to put a bid on it. Well, my pickup was laid up, so I had to borrow one and go back the next day to get it, all 1200 pounds.


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