Superior Adventure

| May/June 1991

HC 30, Box 68 Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

Well, it happened to me sometime in the summer of 1987. I think about July. I am a deputy sheriff, and work in a rural area of southeastern Oregon. I was on patrol one warm day in the small town of Chiloquin. While driving down a street, I observed what I knew was a gas engine, but little else. It turned out to be a very common little engine, but it was the first one that I acquired. After some dickering, I was able to buy the Stover CT2 for $15.00. My stepfather and I took the engine home, and the fun began, and it has not stopped.

This, my first literary endeavor, is to try to chronicle the 'Superior Adventure.'

In the fall of 1989, my wife Margaret and I went to Oklahoma to visit my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, and to do some pheasant hunting. My father's side of the family still lives in the Cushing and Drumright area of Oklahoma. This area has some of the oldest oil fields in the state. Getty drilled the wells that really got him started in this area. My family has been in the oil business for three generations.

During our trip, I was, of course, looking for old engines. Having lived in this area from 1980-1986, I was aware that there was still some old oil field equipment there.

About the first thing I asked my brother at the airport was if he knew where there might be any old oil field engines. He looked at me as if I were nuts, and asked if I remembered that old rusty engine on the Bower lease. The Bower lease was first drilled in the 1920's. My father bought the lease after the war. I remembered that the lease did have some old rusty equipment still standing on it. I asked my brother if we might look at it, and we drove straight to it from Tulsa.