| September/October 1977

Dermuth, The Green, Woolpit, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

On reading your GEM, May-June 1974, under the heading of 'Smoke Rings' which is what I read first, I noticed the first article was on the Stover Engines. Well, I have a 'Carbrooke' Engine, which was assembled here at the Carbrooke Foundry, Watton Nr Norwich, Norfolk, England.

When I contacted them (luckily still in business today), I was told that these engines were exported by Stovers to a firm of Pilter in France. They, in turn, re-exported to the Carbrooke Foundry, who in turn assembled and built carriages, skids, etc. In the early days, these engines sold under the name of Pilter.

Stovers number is stamped on end of crankshaft and Carbrooke number on name plate. The Foundry told me that they assembled these engines from 1910-1930.

Following are the particulars of my engine: Horizontal Open Crank

Engine No. T 142663
Bore 5?
Stroke 6?
Flywheel diam. 28'
Flywheel face 2?'
Cylinder Cast No. E402
Base Tank No. E461
Flywheel No. E407
Flywheel No. E408
Cylinder Head - E402, etc.
Big End - grease. Main bearings.
Hit & Miss governor. Petrol pumped from tank in base. Also a hand throttle control. Webster Tri-polar Magneto, type K25, No. 654527, worked by a straight-bar Strieker.