Stories of Gas Engines and Homestead Memories

Kitty shares the latest news for Gas Engine Magazine readers along with stories of gas engines and homestead memories.

| March/April 1967

  • Kitty
    Stories of gas engines and homestead memories.

  • Kitty

Kitty shares with readers stories of gas engines and homestead memories. 

It's too darn cold here for me. We're having worse winter weather than we've had yet. Of course, I'm just spoiled by the nice days we've had up until now.

Here are some stories of gas engines and a few homestead memories I'd like to share with readers.

John Wilcox of Columbus, Ohio is in the process of putting together an article on the Hornsby-Akroyd oil engine to send to us for the GEM. Any of you who are particularly interested in this engine, keep your eye open for the next few issues. Mr. Norman Vince, Wood Farm, Bawdes-well, East Dereham, Norfolk, England tells me that he has recently purchased a Centaur tractor which was made in the U.S.A. It is very small with a twin cylinder engine. He wants to know if any of our experts could tell him anything of the firms history or date of tractor. It would appear to date from the early twenties.

In a letter from Nobert Lucht of Athens, Illinois we find a request for information on several makes of tractors no longer being manufactured today. The Wisconsin Farm Tractor Co. in Sauk City, Wis. was one of them. Another is the Lauson, made in New Holstein, Wisconsin. They built a 6 cylinder tractor as early as 1929. One tractor that has always interested Mr. Lucht is the Rumely "6". He would like to correspond with anyone who has worked with any of these tractors or has any literature on them. During the past 20 years, Mr. Lucht has been collecting literature on tractors and has had many contacts with public relations departments of the major tractor manufacturers, diesel engine firms and builders of road building equipment. I'm sure there are many of you who would like to contact him, and I'm hoping that he'll send some of his valuable collection in for printing in the Gas Engine Magazine.

Mr. Paul Spearing of Baxter, Iowa and his son have 21 gas engines in their collection. They have, what they feel, is a rare one. (They've never seen any like it at any of the engine shows). It is a horizontal Monitor, 5 hp engine and is in perfect shape. In fact he's using it this winter for sawing wood.


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