Standard Twin Information

| April/May 1990

5166 S. Vine, Wichita, Kansas 67217

After my request for Standard Twin information came out in GEM May, 1989, I received a number of letters with serial numbers of Standard Twins. I asked a number of different questions; I am going to answer all of them in this article.

I do not know when Standard Engine Company started building tractors. I have pictures of their early tractors. They were open, chain driven, using a motor cycle engine for power. Then came an open gear driven model. Next was a completely enclosed Standard. The first named model was the Monarch.

Early Monarchs used buzz coil ignition, later units used magnetos. I own a late Monarch. After the Monarch, Standard joined force with the Walsh Tractor Company and brought out the Walsh. The Walsh is the smallest Standard. Last in the Standard line is the Twin.

Serial numbers on all tractors are consecutive. Walsh serials have a D in them, Monarch serials have an E, and Twin serials use a C. To determine the year built through 1938, use the first two numbers of the serial number. Starting with 1939 use the first and third number in the serial number.

Standard made all parts for their tractors including engines.