| June/July 2001

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These are some 'before and after' pictures of my 1911 6 HP, 1300 lb. Sta-Rite hit & miss engine. My neighbor, Dale Young, found it in the woods in Lopez, Pennsylvania.

Dale was driving his old Ford truck around Lopez when a little child ran in front of him. When braking, he slid across the road, then came to a stop, facing a wooded area. When he looked up, he saw an old tractor up on a hill.

When he got his nerves back, he parked his truck and made sure the child was all right.

Then he walked up to see the old tractor, which turned out to be an old Case RC. While looking at the tractor, he noticed farther up the hill was a rusty, old piece of machinery. Being Dale, he had to check it out. Well that rusty, old piece of junk was this 1911, 6 HP Sta-Rite made by the Reliance Co.

He asked the owner if he wanted to sell any of the old junk. The farmer said he would take $100.00 for the tractor and $50.00 for the engine. Dale was planning to buy, but one thing led to another, and about six years passed by. During that time, he moved to a farm which is about mile from where I live. We met and became friends.