| September/October 1969

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

It is always easier -- and much more fitting -- to give flowers to the living. But Elmer Ransburg wasn't the talkative kind, and getting information out of him was much more difficult than taking his picture reminiscing beside an old Rumely Oil-Pull basking in the line-up at The National Threshers at Wauseon, Ohio, a year ago.

Oh yes, everyone at the National Threshers seemed to know Elmer Ransburg -- his name, that is, and possibly a thing or two -- but certainly not enough to write a story about.

'You know, Elmer Ransburg was a fine fellow to work around,' said Iron Man Percy Sherman, 'but I've worked with him when he wouldn't say more than two or three words the livelong day.'

From N. T. A. secretary, Lucille Blaker, came little more than the fact that, ''Elmer Ransburg lives in Quincy, Mich. He's been helping us here for years.'

But then, during the ensuing months, the sad word arrived by grapevine that Elmer Ransburg had passed beyond, and our attempts to honor him while living just couldn't be met. Thus it was that, the following year, the story about the hard working but sparse worded Elmer Ransburg was divulged by his lovely widow, the faithful Naomi who, always at reunion time took her seat at the National Threshers' secretary's desk to take memberships and fill out cards -- the one whose brown, piercing eyes always seemed to look right through to your soul when asking, 'Name, please!'