| May/June 1966

  • Benny Bennett, Doodle-Bugalways'
    Courtesy of Joe Fahnestock, Union City, Indiana
    Joe Fahnestock

  • Benny Bennett, Doodle-Bugalways'

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

Benny Bennett and his one-lung Doodle-Bugalways a familiar sight as he puttered his way up and down village streets on his campaign in behalf of the venerable green bean.

This story is in eternal memory of one plucky little Spark Plug of the Month. The indomitable though diminutive Benny Bennett who, despite the deformity of his humped shoulders and curvature of the spine, nevertheless faced up to the demanding rigors of making a living and keeping the wolf from his door by the power of his one-lung, one-horse doodlebug from which he dispensed the provender of his garden up and down the village streets.

It was bean-picking time and Benny Bennett was right in the thick of things, bean-wise, providing the town tables with those long, stringless green pods of rich, brown beans that always taste so good from Mom's big bean pot.

And just as soon as he could pluck a couple of big basketfuls of his lucious well-filled bean pods he'd h'ist 'em up into the bed of his doodle-bug and take off.

But wait a minute. Before Benny Bennett could peddle his beans, he'd always have to drop by the filling station up the street and load up with a tank full of 'petrol' for to do his peddling. For Benny Bennett's 'bug' was always a heavy drinker had a mighty appetite and if he was going to patrol the streets of Union City-town with his one-cylinder 'bean-dispenser', and get smooth spark-plug performance, well he always had to satisfy its mighty lust for internal combustion liquid.


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