| March/April 1970

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

Whenever we come across a fellow who makes a practice of 'just stringin' other folks along', we shrug our shoulders, tap our heads and cast the evil eye at him -- then go on.

'Don't want nothin' to do with that there kind o' feller,' thinks we.

But when an antique tractor collector strings wires all over his neighbor's house and clear down to his barn -- and comes off with a 28-440 Oliver Tractor for doin' it - 'Well, now that there feller -he's a smart one,' thinks me.

He knows enough 'bout wirin' not to trust professional electricians, so he just up and wired his own modern, new electric house two years ago. Then, when he spotted that Old Oliver 'setting' in his neighbor's barn, casting an evil, covetous eye thereon he suddenly up and convinced friend-neighbor that his house and out-buildings were in immediate need of new wiring.

'He wanted his place wired, and I wanted that old Oliver -- so we just up 'n made a deal,' says Eli Truckner, collector of antique tractors for the past six or seven years. 'Now, altogether I've got about twenty-one of 'em -- all old and odd -- in my collection.'