| July/August 1968

Dayton Daily News & Radio's 'Joe's Journal'

It was down Hogpalh Road, past the old cemetery and left at Pearson to the corner at West High St. in Pleasant Hill, Miami County, western Ohio, that we made our way in quest of the little fellow with the big engine. '

Tom's not here, but he will be Saturday,' said the kindly, bonnetted little lady of Old River Brethren Faith. 'He reads your magazines and I'm sure he'll be very cooperative with you,' quoth she, betraying her Pennsylvania Dutch stock.

Came the fateful day of Saturday and once again we found ourselves winding down old Hogpath Road, our eyes drinking in the verdant beauty of the majestic foothills that nestle Stillwater River upon entering 'P-Hill Village.'

Sure enough he was expecting me, for the little fellow had already wheeled out his big 30 H.P. St. Marys engine right smack in front of his workshop door -- for to have its 'pitcher took'.

But wait! Before we snap the shutter, we must wait on little Scott Murphy, five year old side-kick to 'Uncle' Tom Lewis, who's running over to get in the picture. For sometimes little Scott's avordupois, jumping up on one of the big spokes of the mighty St. Mary's flywheel, is just sufficient to help 'Uncle' Tom's biceps to coax the big engine into snorting.