South Africa Gets It All Together At The End Of The Century

| February/March 2000

The Veteran Farmer Magazine PO Box 408, Halfway House 1685 Republic of South Africa

A unique one-off event was held in South Africa in April this year [1999], designed to bring together all aspects of agricultural preservation in the country.

The event was promoted by South Africa's agricultural preservation magazine, The Veteran Farmer, on the site of a large commercial farming estate, Sandstone Estate (Pty) Limited in the Eastern Free State.

This property, which is some 400 kms from the sea, lies at the foothills of the majestic Maluti Mountain range in an area well known for its agricultural diversities. The farm itself is situated on the border with the small mountainous country of Lesotho, which finds itself with South Africa as its only neighbor on all sides.

Preparation started more than a year before the show took place. Organisers were appointed in each of the following categories: Vintage Tractors, Stationary Engines, Agricultural Steam, Main line and 2 ft. Narrow Gauge Steam, Vintage Commercial Vehicles, Cars and Light Trucks, and Old Earth Moving Equipment.

If one had something to display and it did not fall into one of the above categories--no matter, they brought it along anyway.