Some Tips on Locating Old Gas Engine, Tractor and Steam Engine Magazines

| May/June 1971

R.D. 4, Box 158, Greensburg, Pa. 15601

I don't know how much interest there is in locating magazines on gas engines, tractors, and steam engines which may not have been published for years but I have seen an occasional plea from time to time in the 'WANTED' section of GEM for a copy of some old magazine. Although I don't know a whole lot about engines, I can contribute some suggestions on how to obtain a copy of a specific article in an old magazine -- if you know the name of the magazine, year, month of issue -- and preferably the title and page of the article.

Perhaps many readers are not aware that many old magazines are still kept at some libraries throughout the nation. Generally, these are the larger public and and university libraries but a few can be found in smaller libraries. Fortunately, some of these libraries have their holdings listed in nationally distributed indexes.

Let's suppose you know the name of a magazine, the year, and issue in which an interesting article appeared. Perhaps you've made a plea for a copy in GEM with no success. Maybe some other reader has an original issue but has no way of making you a copy and hesitates to lend it by mail -- you can't really blame him since he doesn't know you from Adam!

Anyway, to find out some of the libraries that have original issues, go to your library and ask for THE UNION LIST OF SERIALS IN LIBRARIES OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA. This is a five volume set of books which lists alphabetically nearly all magazines which were ever printed. Warning: books, catalogs, and manufacturers instruction manuals are not listed!

If your library does not have a copy of this 'Union List,' tell your librarian what magazine and issue you want to look up and she can probably get the information for you from some other library which does have a 'Union List.'