| September/October 1968

Well, I suppose we are all busy trying to get many things done and places visited to make us a bag of memories for next winter and many years to come. We are about to take leave of Enola for a few days and head for Williamsburg, Virginia and visit with our daughter and hubby, Dana and Bob, who will be living there for another year at least as Bob is stationed in the Navy there. Williamsburg is a very historical area as most of you folks know and we hope to see some of the interesting places while there. Anyhow, it will be real good just to visit with them as distance keeps our married children pretty far away, but as long as they are content and living a good life, what else can parents ask for except the joy of seeing them now and then.

Jeff Cain, who is writing a column for the magazine now called 'The Younger Set' had asked in an earlier letter if anyone has some information on Economy and their relationship with Jaeger. He says he had been in a junk yard and discovered an engine that he could definitely identify as an Economy with the name Jagger or Jaeger on it. Also, Jeff would like to know if he an reach a curator of a gas engine museum near Camden, New Jersey. So he'd appreciate hearing from any of you veterans who can help him. Jeff is one of our young enthusiasts and his address is Mt Laurel Road, Mt. Holly, New Jersey.

Auto Fire Truck No.3 OLEAN, N.Y.

Line up of engines at Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association Show at Buda, Illinois 1967.

Fairbanks-Morse 25 Hp. type 'y', style H, 2 cylinder oil engine belter to 9 x 8 Ingersall-Rand air compressor at Mikkleson's in August 1966.

A letter from Bill May of 1591 Green-field Drive. El Cajon, California 92021 and he writes: 'I noticed in an issue of GEM that you had a bit of information on the Fairbanks & Morse gas engines. Among my engines I have 3 F-M's. I have written Fairbanks-Morse factory that was transferred to Mexico City trying to find out the year my engines were built according to the serial numbers. I received a very nice answer and was informed they were building engines at this lime and did I want to buy one. They never did tell me when my engine was built.