| November/December 1971

Can it really be this time already-the last issue of 71 going to press? By the time this issue reaches you, you'll have put your summer clothes away and the sweaters, gloves and boots will be in the front line awaiting their duty. (That is for the folks in the cold areas-these friends in the South don't know what we mean, I guess, as they never need to get into the warmer apparel.)

We have so many letters this time, so I won't take the space up with my chattering. We're all busy back here, buzzing with school activities and thoughts of oncoming Holidays. And now onto our friends of the Gas Engine Family.

R. F. SOMERVILLE, 12498 232nd St., Maple Ridge P. 0., Haney, British Columbia, Canada writes: 'On page 4 of July-August GEM, Mr. Shade has three pictures of an old tractor and asks for information. It is a 25-45 or 30-60 1910-1912, 2 cylinder twin Titan made by I. H. C. The bore is 9' by 14' stroke, 335 rpm, gear drive, one forward speed 2? mph. Clutch and gear levers are on the left side. It is a hit and miss governor, screen tank cooled by means of rotary belt drive pump, in working order. It weighs 20,600 lbs and will pull 8 - 10, 14' bottom plow and drive up to a 36 x 58 separator. It uses about 85 gallons of gasoline a day and about two gallons of cylinder oil and sold for $2350.00 F. O. B. Chicago.'

Thanks for the information Sir. No doubt many will be pleased to hear this.

And a note from LAWRENCE F. ULRICH, Spalding, Saskatchewan, Canada with a plea as to where he could get a reprint of an instruction book for an 18-36 or 12-24 Hart-Parr. Lawrence is getting interested in engines and now has four, two are restored and two must be restored. Any help will be appreciated.

H. ROTOLO of 92 Hawley St., Binghamton, New York 13901 pens us the following: 'I find this hobby of old engines fascinating. I have only three at present and recently picked up an air-cooled Deyo engine, made in Binghamton, New York, in running condition. Perhaps some of your readers can tell me something about this--such as paint, color, horsepower, etc. Many thanks!'-- Anybody out there in Gas Engine Land to give Mr. Rotolo the answers he is seeking? Drop him a line--he's waiting to hear from you.