Smoke Rings

| May/June 1971

  • Smoke Rings

  • Smoke Rings

May-June issue means the snow is away and the Shows are really underway across the land -- anybody sorry -- NO! Everybody ready for the good times, gassing-up, gabbing, good pals -- all to make glorious memories -- seems I hear a lot of affirmatives on this sentence. And so, in between your packing and putting the final touch on the displays I'll send along a few letters of interest.

HOWARD WAGENBLAST, R. D. 4, Box 158, Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 writes: 'I have a De Laval engine (type V W, number 75018) which was used to power a milker. I am wondering if any readers of GEM would estimate the age. Also, I would appreciate any technical information -- particularly on the magneto. What type was the original magneto and where can I get one?'

Answers, Fellas -- that's what the man wants!

From RICHARD D. HAMP, 1772 Conrad Avenue, San Jose, California 95124, arrives this information and we thank him.

'I have some information on a couple of engines pictures in the March-April 1971 issue of G.E.M.

The little engine in the upper left hand corner on page 7 is a ? hp. 'Franklin Gas Engine.' I have a 1903 booklet from the Parsell and Weed Company of New York City who sold a kit of parts and semi-finished castings to build the 'Franklin Gas Engine.' The price of a complete set of castings and materials to build the engine was $16.50.