Smoke Rings

| May/June 1967

Well, it's that time of year again when everything comes alive and dresses in the beautiful colors that Mother Nature has given them. The buds on the trees are just now bursting and unfolding into delicate beautiful leaves - I marvel every spring at these wonders. And of course the pesty, but gorgeous dandelions make themselves known every day - they are pesty, but what a delight to children as they pluck them from the ground -and what mother hasn't known the thrill of grubby little hands holding forth at arms length the elegant bouquet of golden flowers as they present Mommie with her first floral tribute of the season. I shall always have a close spot in my heart for the dandelions for each of my children have come with beaming smile and eyes a glisten in the springtime to give me some posies picked for me - they give me much more than that though - for it is one of my treasured moments of each of them and now our youngest is learning the habit too. Thank God for children and dandelions!

My days are so blessed and full of never ending awe as I keep my track shoes handy to try and keep pace with Thomas Casey Branyan-now a big 2?, at the adventureous and dangerous age when he must be watched every second, but then every second is so well worth watching for a child gives you so much pleasure-just watching them discover a tiny bit of the big world's offerings. As I get this column off to you, my eyes are on him after each sentence and right now he is torn between discovering the gadgets on my sewing machine and running in and out of the basement digging dirt in the yard and carrying it from one place to a more satisfactory site. This 'gabbing' may not be of so much interest to a true Gas Engine Enthusiast, but then anyone that is a parent or loves children, I'm sure understands my garrulous nature on this subject, but I've said enough so herewith go on to more 'gas-like' subjects.