Smoke Rings

| March/April 1971

HI! Not yet, but by the time this magazine has been well-paged through, we might be able to see the ever miraculous shoots of green signs of Spring everywhere -- oh, and I guess everyone is anxious for that. Did you ever stop and think how terrible it would be if some Spring things wouldn't go that way? Ponder on it a minute! We go through the seasons and so we have a rough, but also beautiful winter, but we are all smug knowing it won't be long til Spring -- but what if Spring wouldn't come?? We expect it though and it always does -- we are fortunate, aren't we? God is good to us, isn't he?

CLARENCE L. RUSS, R. R. 1, Lena, Illinois 61048, sends this communication: 'There was an engine show organized last February called Stephen-son County Antique Engine Club. Our first show was held last July 25 & 26. I had my 1930 steel-wheeled John Deere G.P., 1925 model D John Deere with spoke flywheel and also my Waterloo Boy tractors there. Also 6 hp. John Deere gas engine that I got from Spokane, Washington, through an ad that I put in the engine magazine last winter. Our dates for this year is July 24 & 25. We had good weather last summer for our show, also a good crowd.'

A question from STEPHEN M. STRAIGHT, 319 E. French Avenue, Orange City, Florida 32763. 'Would you know where I could get articles and information on the Rumely Oil Pull Tractor? I would especially like pictures of radiator and carburetor.'

Anyone want to help Stephen out -- drop him a line please.

I'd like you to take note of this photo sent to us by Miles A. Lusk, R. R. 2, Knox, Pennsylvania. The picture was taken at Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at an Antique Car Party in 1965. Looks like they are really having a good time and I presume that must be Miles in the black topper hat, having a go at the dance floor.

Miles says: 'Thanks for all your troubles and joys in getting us the G.E.M. It is the best that has ever hit the market and about the only one to keep up publication for any length of time.'