Smoke Rings

| March/April 1970

If you are like everyone back here, Spring cannot make its arrival too soon. Every day we're looking for a robin which heralds the fact that Spring is really making an entrance. I'm sure the robin won't be here for awhile though and if one eager one should make it soon, he would find this dilemma entitled Frustration. Northward the robin flew in Spring.--It left him quite exhausted--To find his bird-bath not yet thawed; His worms, not yet defrosted.

And with that great epic, I shall continue on with the column and we have a lot of letters that I know you would much rather read.

RON MAGNUSON, Good Hope, Ill. 61438 would like to hear from someone who owns an 8 hp. Witte gas engine. He needs a little help with his Witte. So get busy fellows and let Ron hear from you.

DAVID BABCOCK, R.F.D. 3, Box 673, Cass City, Michigan 48726 pens us, 'I would like to know if any readers have ever seen or heard of a Motorgo marine engine. I have one, a 2 cylinder 6 hp. vertical. I would appreciate any information which can be supplied'. Need I say more-- if you have heard of this engine-- let Dave hear from you.

A plea for help from WILLIS F. HAASE, Box 203, Cable, Wisconsin, 54821-- 'I wonder if you or anybody else could help me get an operator's manual for a McCormick Deering 10-20 tractor, about 1926 vintage. This tractor is all restored in perfect shape. I also have a 1925 Fordson that is perfect in every respect. I have many gas engines from 1 to 6 hp., most of them in running condition.'--Maybe some of you fellows would have an extra one-- or is there a company he could write to for one?--once again the SOS signal is up.

Anyone know the address of the Diesel power publication? If so, please let PHILLIP D. HOCHSTETLER, 204 W. Reed St., Nappanee, Indiana 46550 know about it. He's one of our newer subscribers and we welcome him to our GEM family and hope we can help him.