| March/April 1969

  • Smoke Rings

  • Smoke Rings

Well, I know we are not safe in the arms of Spring yet, but so far in this area we have been very fortunate as far as not having snow to shovel. We've had only light snows but I'd better not say too much or we're liable to really get it. Of course there are the sad effects of no snow such as no sledding, no snowmen and etc. and while we'd like the fun part we're not too anxious for the work part of getting the snow from the pavements and driveways - I guess you'd say we'd just like to 'have our cake and eat it too' which just isn't possible.

The reunion ads are starting to hit the main office and that means 'firing up the engines and getting ready to load the precious GEMS on board for another round of shows and fun time. I'll bet you folks can hardly wait for the first Gas-up, but then most of you do have the meetings and dinners previous to the Reunions and I imagine they are just as much enjoyment.

Ron Magnuson of Box 1, Good Hope, Illinois 61438 has this to say this issue: 'Just a note to let you know that I would like to hear from some of the readers concerning the shade of blue for the Alamo Blue Line. I have a 7 Up. Alamo. I would like to know what some of the readers use that have Alamos, in the way of paint, before I paint mine.'' (See, not only women fuss and worry proper colors and decor). And then Ron goes on to say: 'Keep up the good work, gets better every issue. Only one thing wrong with your magazine. It doesn't come often enough. I would like to see it printed every month'. Thanks, Ron, these kind letters give us all inspiration to do better each time.

And I have a special note for Joe Fahnestock who writes our interesting Spark Plug articles. 'Dear Joe: Just had to write and thank you for (what we think is) the Greatest article ever written! (Jan-Feb. edition of the Gas Engine Magazine) It really SPARKED our day. Thank you!' (And it is signed Spark Plug Carl Rismiller, Spark Plug A, Spark Plug B, Spark Plug C Jr. and Spark Plug D and Missus Spark Plug.)

A nice letter from Arthur M. Anderson, 2117 East 36th, St. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407 tells us: 'Got my Gas Engine Magazine and I'm always happy for such good reading material. I trust the good Lord will give you good people at Stemgas the strength and wisdom (so do I) continue this fine work.

One of the first things I noticed in 'Smoke Rings' was a query from Paul R. Spearing, R.R. 1, Baxter, Iowa who wanted to know about the type of oiler on his 1909 Fuller and Johnson upright air-cooled pump engine. We had an engine just like this one and left it on the farm when we moved back in 1930. How I have wished many times to have been able to get it back or get another like it. I fear that long since it was sold for scrap.


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