Smoke Rings

| July/August 1970

Right in the middle of 1970 means right in the middle of the glorious Gas-Ups and Gab Sessions that are all part of these wonderful reunions. At least we are in keeping with the times to have these 'demonstrations' (careful how you use that word) which result in 'riots' of laughter, and fun. No 'generation gap' at these rallies other than in the effect of birthdays, for everyone enjoys the noise and smoke of these historical, educational and entertaining gatherings. The only 'guards' used are those to protect anyone handling the interesting machinery. May we look forward to many years of these fascinating sessions of get-togethers.

We were happy to have the pleasure of a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Denis McCormack of 404 W. Timonium Rd., Timonium, Baltimore, Maryland. They stopped here one afternoon and visited Elmer at the Blue Ridge Nursing Home, then visited with Irene at the office and later came to chat with us a bit. We were happy to make their acquaintance.

A letter from GERALD JACOBSON, 212 South Cedar, Marshfield, Wisconsin 54449, who writes:

'Special to Anna Mae;

The first thing to get straightened out is the 'dogs' that are attached to a flywheel. The proper term for this is 'ratchet.' It is simply a hook that locks into a notched wheel and will only hold in one direction. Such as the gadget in a clock that will let you turn the key in one direction and holds it from backing up. Simple, wouldn't you say?' (O.K. If you say so Gerald. I still don't understand too well about it. -- Anna Mae)

Richard Frazer of Preston is trying to give me a bad time. There was an engine made with a strap starter and a rewind, but it wasn't the little Associated. The 'dog' in the engine is bolted to the drum and does not throw out when the engine starts. There is no rewind spring and no place for one. You would have to have some stationary part to fasten the spring to, to hold the tension for a rewind, and there is no place for this on the little Associated.