| July/August 1969

  • Smoke Rings

  • Smoke Rings

Well, there will be alot of changes made now - daughter and hubby, Bob had their baby FINALLY - on May 12 - due date was April 19th and we were all be ginning to be 'nervous ninnies' . I know very well the old saying - 'When the apple is ripe, it will fall ' - but nevertheless one gels a bit apprehensive when time goes on and on. Anyhow, it's a darling baby boy who weighed in at 8lb. 4? oz. 21?' and with the name Ryan Robert Eortenbaugh. And we're having a wonderful time with the new little grandson. We have two other grandchildren a girl and a boy - Eddie and Kathleen's children - but we rarely see them and its heart-breaking -but this little fellow we've seen practically everyday since his arrival into this world. So if the column is smudged with baby oil, powder and etc. that's why-and we're all very happy with our new little member of the family.

Harry Hall, 223 High St. S.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 writes - 'I do wish to thank you for pulling the picture on the cover of G.E.M. for March-April that I sent. I do wish you would write a correction though. The owner of the engines shown on the trailer is Mr. Clyde Rees, Bloomfield, Iowa 52537. I do think he should have the credit for owning and restoring them.' You're a nice man Harry - you send in so many good pictures and I think it's great you wish to give proper credit.

QUESTION???? comes from John D. Benner, 313 Ruby Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603. 'Could you do a little favor for me and ask Stan Head or some of the gas engine nuts (me included) if anyone knows any thing about Rumely Oil Pull engines.?' (I subscribe to your fine magazine and think it's the best.)--Well, Fellows, I don't know just what John has in mind-I don't know much, but I do know we seem to have a lot of pictures and captions in the magazine on them. Perhaps you can assist him further.

'I have a gas engine that is giving me some trouble as to the make. The name tag says: S.S.S. gas and gasoline engine. No. 4861, 1? Hp. manufactured by Standard Scale and Supply Company, Pitts burgh, Pennsylvania. The engine is an up right with make and break ignition and hit and miss governor. The engine looks a great deal like a Novo upright, while the plates on the crankcase say Ideal. I would be grateful if someone could straighten me out, because the engine needs a carburetor.'--This plea for help comes from Ron Sprowls, R. D. I. Avella, Penna. 15312 - so drop him a line if you can help him out Fellows!

A suggestion from J. Rex Haver of 643 Bellefonte Ave., Lock Haven, Pennsylvania--'Most gasoline engines manufactured by a company look similar, be it a 1 Hp or a 20 Hp. A picture of a 1 Hp. engine may look twice as large as a picture of a 20 Hp. depending on the location of the photographer. My suggestion to all who are taking pictures of an engines is-Place a familiar object in the picture so we can compare size. A child, or an adult in the picture is always good. A wrench, an oil can, ruler, hat, anything that can be used for comparison will help. I think this is especially important for builders of model engines.' Well, we like all suggestions and constructive criticism - and I guess Rex has a point there.

WHAT IS IT?? - an answer - a letter from James L. Bochantin, Route 1, Box 54, Du Bois, Illinois 62831. James writes: 'In answer to the 'What Is It? ' engine owned by Cordon Warehime, shown on page 24 of the May-June GEM, please look on page 9 of the same issue. Compare the carburetor, flywheel and tri-polar oscillator of Joe King's one-horse Maynard with the air-cooled engine. Same thing? Look at the notches in the bases for mounting; compare the oilers. If it isn't a Maynard, it must be a pretty close copy.' Shows you how much I know-I looked and they don't look the same at all to me, but then I'm no 'expert' and don't even know what I'm looking for--you try it fellows-could be Jim is right, but you can't prove it by me.


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