Smoke Rings

| January/February 1971

Our best wishes to all our GEM Family for a prosperous and Happy New Year, and for February, may all your Valentines be nice ones!

I can scarcely believe we are starting our sixth year of GEM -- but we are and by the looks of things it will continue to grow. We appreciate all your writings and pictures -- I just wish I could get all the material to you faster, but this isn't possible right now -- so be patient with me.

HENRY BREMER, JR., R. D. 1, Ellendale, Minnesota 56026, asks us this: 'Has anyone ever taken count on how many engines are in the U.S. and how many different makes are still around? Also, who has the oldest engine in their collection?'

Well, fellows, there's something to work on -- I'm sure I don't know the answers -- but I'll bet some of you have some opinions on these questions.

A letter from CLIFFORD E. WOLF, 1031 Grandview, Owatonna, Minnesota 55060, writes: 'I have just bought a real good Woolery 5 hp. section car engine just like on page 40 of Jan.-Feb. 1970 GEM - A 100 Woolery H.A.S., Cyl. Bore 4-093 -- What can you tell me about this engine? Who made it? Where was it made? How many were manufactured and during what years was the company in business?'

Well, Veterans -- there's some more quizzes -- can you help Clifford out? I don't mind playing 20 questions, but it's no good when I don't even know the first four.