Smoke Rings

| January/February 1970

  • Smoke Rings

  • 1929 Model A
    Courtesy of George Wakefield, South Street, Gladstone, New Jersey
    George Wakefield
  • 1929 Cord L29 phaeton
    Courtesy of Western Canadian Pioneer Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada
    Western Canadian Pioneer Museum
  • 6 Hp. I.H.C
    Courtesy of Roger L. Eshelman, Box 63, College Springs, Iowa 51637
    Roger L. Eshelman

  • Smoke Rings
  • 1929 Model A
  • 1929 Cord L29 phaeton
  • 6 Hp. I.H.C

(I realize this is the Jan. & Feb. issue of GEM, but as I am writing this, I'm in the Christmas Spirit!)

Ah! Here it is -- that time again -- we're well on our way towards Christmas of 1969 and I promised myself I'd have most everything done by December 1st -- I didn't make it! As it is I have no cookies baked yet -- the cards aren't done -- the presents are partly wrapped and I'm not even done shopping yet -- not to mention the decorating isn't finished and I wanted to get popcorn for the children to string and a few dozen other things to do -- so one thing I'll say -- it's as usual -- harried, bustling, busy and a BEAUTIFUL time of the year. Just think -- what else is as important as the birth of Jesus? It, can make the war stop -- at least for a day or two -- and why oh why can't the heads of the parties at war make it cease for good if they can stop it for a few days? And we say to our children -- don't fight -- sometimes those words seem empty as we look around at our bickering world. But we must keep faith and believe we are working to the right end.

We're looking forward to a happy Christmas -- Tommie is at an exciting age for the event -- he is five -- and then of course the grandchildren will be here sometime over the Holidays. The youngest one, Ryan, and parents live near and so will be with us Xmas day. Ryan is seven months old and quite aware of the worldly things and interested in finding out all he can about them. Stacy and Lance, 3 years and 9 months, and Mommy and Daddy will be here (we hope) to visit over the Holidays which will be a happy occasion and of course our two at home are 15 and 13 and they too enjoy the festivities. Keli just had a birthday on the 9th of December and after all HAPPINESS is being thirteen.

I thought you'd like to share one of my many moments that I have with the family and so I must tell you -- the other day I had punished Tommie after admonishing him more than once -- you're right, he got a licking, smacking, whipping -- whatever you choose to call it. But he looked up at me and very belligerently said: 'Now, God is mad at you!'

Onto your interesting letters and questions and before I get into that -- do have a lovely Christmas Holiday season -- and we send our Greetings to each and every one of you.

Howard W. Wagenblast, Box 158, R.D. 4, Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 writes us: 'I believe it would be helpful to many of your readers if GEM magazine would have a short article on the construction of the coils used in the ignition systems of 'hit-or-miss' gas engines. There are some of us who would rather 'roll our own' than use Model T coils, etc. Some helpful information would be: 1 -- wire size, cotton or enamel covered; 2 -- wire turns/inch and how many layers, etc.; 3 -- I.D., O.D., and length; 4 -- cores - iron or air? These factors probably varied with the different manufacturers but there shouldn't be too much difference in electrical properties.'


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